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Moving Cultures Dances

Moving Cultures Dances

Moving CulturesFebruary 27 and 28, March 1, 2007
The Market Hall

Choreography by Christine Friday-O'Leary; Richa Khandelwal Bhat; Wes Ryan; Mayelin Lovet-Semmler; Bill Coleman.

Presented by Peterborough New Dance, the Peterborough Arts Umbrella
and Market Hall Performing Arts Centre

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FEBRUARY 27 and 28 and MARCH 1
Daily at 10:00 am and 12:30 pm
at the Market Hall Performing Arts Centre
For bookings 745-1788 or
cost per student - $5

MARCH 1, 7:00 pm
Public Performance
$10 / $7 students / seniors / underemployed.
Free to children under 12.

Moving Cultures is a presentation of four professional performances that celebrate different cultures and the art of storytelling through dance. The program is designed for grades 6 through 12 and will run Tuesday, February 27th to Friday, March 1, 2007 at Peterborough's historic landmark, the Market Hall Performing Arts Centre located downtown Peterborough. Each class will receive a study guide that includes the personal, historical and cultural significance of each performance. Students will be able to ask the performers questions about their craft and culture at the end of each performance. The program will run approximately one hour and 15 minutes. Through Moving Cultures, students will be exposed to dance performance and dance creation along with the ideas and concepts behind using movement as a medium for artistic expression.

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ImageChristine Friday-O'Leary is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer from Teme-Augami located in Northern Ontario. She has toured with several dance companies across North America and is a recipient of numerous dance awards.
Her solo dance piece entitled Spirits, Beings and Life Forces will combine First Nation traditional and contemporary dance forms to explore how Anishnaabe (Ojibway) teachings and legends shape and influence one's character.

ImageRicha Khandelwal Bhat is a dancer, journalist, and filmmaker from New Delhi, India, and now resides in Peterborough. She is an experienced dancer with a four year diploma in the classical Kathak dance form.
Her solo performance entitled Krishna will focus on devotional Kathak dance fused with North Indian dance folk forms. The performance will depict the different roles Krishna assumes for his devotees.

ImageWes Ryan is an actor, dancer and choreographer residing in Peterborough. Wes has appeared in several 4th Line Theatre Productions. Wes teaches dance workshops at P.C.V.S and has written scripts for the Kawartha Montessori School.

Kate Story is a performer, writer and choreographer who creates original performance works, with elements of dance, theatre and performance art, that have been presented in Peterborough, Toronto and her native St. John's Newfoundland.
50 yrs. + Forever is a duet written and choreographed by Wes Ryan featuring Kate Story. The piece is a love story presented through a combination of theatre, oral narrative, and various forms of contemporary dance.

ImageMayelin Lovet-Semmler graduated from the School of Arts in Havana, Cuba with a bachelor's degree in modern dance and folklore. She has toured France, Haiti, and the United States with several professional dance companies. Mayelin now resides in Peterborough.
Orange will draw upon traditional West African and contemporary dance forms to create a work full of colour and energy.

ImageBorn in Berwick, Nova Scotia in 1961, Bill Coleman studied dance at the Doreen Bird School of Theatre Dance in London, England. His professional career started in 1979 with Sir Anton Dolin of the Dublin City Ballet. Since then, he has created over 50 works. Bill Coleman's work has been presented in Scotland, Italy, Singapore, Russia, throughout the United States and Canada. Mr. Coleman will perform old school hoofing in the style of Sandman Simms and Bunny Briggs. This is a non-taught, rhythmic style that was practiced throughout the vaudeville era. Unlike Hollywood tapping, such as Fred Astaire, there are few film records of this style, as it was performed mainly by black tappers. It was developed on street corners in the same manner break-dancing was developed in the 70's.

Season 2006-2007

Emergency #15

Emergency #15

Emergency 15


March 21 to 24, 2007
The Market Hall

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Works by Jenn Cole; Sophia Cooper; Barbara Dametto; Tanya Elchuck; Tammy Foreman; Dy Gallagher; anya gwynne; michael hermiston; Bill James and Old Men Dancing; Ryan Kerr; Mike Morritt; Deb Reynolds; Emma Lu Romerein; Anne Ryan; Wes Ryan; Patti Shaughnessy; Sommer Sanderson; Jill Staveley; Kate Story; Susie Magyari and Jessica Moya Brown; Esther Vincent 

ImageMarch 21 - 24, 2007
Market Hall Theatre, 336 George St. N., Peterborough

This year, three hour-long programs take you on an artistic adventure through modern dance and hip-hop to dance theatre, clown and performance art. Peterborough New Dance's Fifteenth Emergency program promises to introduce you to new creative talent and new work by some familiar names. Every year Emergency is a showcase of some of Peterborough's finest and most unique talent. Not to be missed, this year's event includes a number of new creators as well as a whole new idea - one program, dubbed Cover will present Radiohead's album The Bends as music, dance and theatre, live on stage with local musicians and 11 individual creators bringing the songs to life.

michael hermiston
Bill James
Deb Reynolds
Jenn Cole
Sophia Cooper

Barbara Dametto
Tanya Elchuck
Trent Dance Team
Emma Lu Romerein
Sommer Sanderson
Anne Ryan

Kate Story
Mike Morritt
Jenn Cole
Tammy Foreman
Dy Gallagher
anya gwynne
Ryan Kerr
Wes Ryan
Patti Shaughnessy
Jill Staveley
Esther Vincent

$8 per show
$5 each additional
$15 three show pass
to reserve call
(705) 745-1788

Wed. March 21
8:30 pm Show A

Thurs. March 22
7:00 pm Show B
8:30 pm Show C
Fri. March 23
7:00 pm Show C
8:30 pm Show B
10:00 pm Show A
Sat. March 24
7:00 pm Show B
8:30 pm Show A
10:00 pm Show C

ImageANNOUNCING A FIRST FOR CANADA (as far as we know - if you know different please contact us): A LIVE TO AIR BROADCAST OF DANCE. Tune in to Trent Radio on Thursday at 8:30 pm to hear live play by play and colour commentary of the premiere of Program C: Cover by Kate Story. A two person broadcast crew will be stationed in a sound proof booth overlooking the stage at Market Hall to describe in detail - along with the sounds and music coming from the stage - the actions of the performers. The commentators will be experienced dance viewers whose knowledge of the artists will provide inside information about the creation of the work that can only be shared with Trent Radio listeners.

Emergency Broadcast sponsored by


Program A

Jenn Cole
Nabakov's Butterflies
This piece is an exploration of nostalgia as a longing for "no place" and the experience of fighting to regain memory. Inspired by The Future of Nostalgia by Svetlana Boym and the poetic work, Slumber for Lepidopterists by Angela Rawlings, this work presents slow still moments of remembering interrupted by a kinetic search for circumference which lies everywhere but can centre nowhere. The body circles an elusive series of images from the memory - the lightness of butterflies and the weight of mountains.

Sophia Cooper
Push Pull (Thinking of Hans Hoffman)
Painting is a contour journey, which implicates one's body as transient material for exploring the rhythms of paint in a dramatic setting. Here, the dancer becomes the line and dynamics, which push and pull on the layers of colour and abstraction in visual art. The body experiences the surface, texture, colour, and all aspects of the process, and thus the act of painting becomes the language of dance.

michael hermiston and Hilary Wear
It's not the thickened Midriff that I mind
The river flows gently by the crumbling walls of the old factory. A new life ... a fresh vision... a hope.... and passion to be free of the weight and dread that has dogged her for years.
Peace now.

Bill James and Old Men Dancing
Bill James has worked with Old Men Dancing since September 2006. This dance was created for the group and takes inspiration from weather forces that surround us at the same time as we interpret the climate of our bodies and the mutability of our lives.

Deb Reynolds
Sweet and Sour
As the song says, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need." And sometimes what you need is what was there all along. The tried, the true, the faithful one.

Program B

Barbara Dametto
Silent Witness
Silent Witness is about that part of ourselves that observes quietly. Never ceasing and omnipresent; the soul reflects and records all that we are.

Tanya Elchuk
Weaving together movement with spoken poetry and story telling, this piece represents the culmination of a long exploration of heartbreak through painting, dance, movement and writing. It is a piece that is at once personal and universal. It's about separation and the journey of the heart in its search for unity and to find the connected space within oneself where the oneness of all creation becomes felt, lived and breathed.

Trent Dance Team
Choreography: Susie Magyari and Jessica Moya Brown
Collaboration involves the infusion of two choreographers, three dance forms, four songs, and twenty-four dancers. It is a celebration of the teams' last four years and a tribute to the past, present, and future.

Emma Romerein
DeaDLoK part three
This is the third of a series of excerpts from a longer work in development, the first two of which were performed in Emergency #13 and #14. Inspired by JRR Tolkien's Lord of The Rings, the first two focused on the characters of the orcs and then elves. This excerpt explores a whole new movement vocabulary centred on the most important character. Showing the plight of the hobbit, this solo performance depicts our hero constantly on the run, weighted by the ultimate burden struggling to hold on to hope and overcome all odds.

Anne Ryan
Nautilus is an inquiry into the human condition, the things we face, the things we close the door on, the aloneness of being, the shared bits. It began with a diagram of a cross section of a nautilus shell with all of its chambers which related to the short story Five Small Rooms, by Diane Schoemperlen. The dance explores three rooms that represent walled off portions of a life, portraits of events consigned to the past or parallel lives that may have been.

Sommer Sanderson
A Room without Windows
This piece is based on the play, No Exit, by Jean Paul Sartre.
Without windows we cannot see out into the world or connect with nature and see ourselves as a part of the intricate web of life. This piece reflects many aspects of human nature. When stripped of all else but our desires, we find ourselves alone while in the company of others. While demonstrating the need for others to meet our needs, we can display cruelty, creating endless suffering.

Program Cover

Kate Story
Cover is a staged interpretation of Radiohead's record The Bends involving eleven creators with live musicians covering the songs. Produced and directed by Kate Story with Michael Morritt as musical director, this full-length program reveals the theme of the loss and search for the self that is present in many of the songs from this popular guitar rock album.
Creators include: Kate Story, Esther Vincent and Susie Magyari with the Trent Dance Team, anya gwynne, Jill Staveley, Wes Ryan, Dy Gallagher and Ryan Kerr, Tammy Foreman, Patti Shaughnessy and Jenn Cole

Season 2006-2007

Honouring Theatre: an International Indigenous Theatre Festival

HONOURING THEATRE: an International Indigenous Theatre Festival

Honouring Theatre: an International Indigenous Theatre Festival

September 19 to 24, 2006
NOZHEM - First Peoples' Performance Space and The Market Hall

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Native Earth Performing Arts presents; co-presented by Public Energy, Indigenous Performance Initiatives, and O'Kaadenigan Wiingashk, in association with The Department of Indigenous Studies at Trent University

Annie Mae's Movement by Yvette Nolan
Frangipani Perfume by Makerita Urale
Windmill Baby by David Milroy

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