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Emergency #21

Curtis Driedger and Kate Story in Myrmidon by Bernie Martin. Photo by Wayne Eardley

Emergency #21 – A Festival of New Dance and Performance by Peterborough-area artists
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Curtis Driedger and Kate Story in Myrmidon by Bernie Martin. Photo by Wayne Eardley

How'd they do that? See a short video of the photo shoot here.
March 26 - 29, 2015

Market Hall Performing Arts Centre, 140 Charlotte Street
The Theatre On King, 159 King Street

Single tickets for Program A, Program B and Myrmidon: $15, not including service fees. $5 for high school students.
Bundle: Any 3 shows for $35.
Available in advance from the Market Hall box office: or 705-749-1146.

ORDER your tickets now

Schedule of ticketed shows:

Thursday, March 26
8pm – Program A at Market Hall
8pm - Myrmidon at The Theatre On King

Friday, March 27
8pm - Program B at Market Hall
8pm - Myrmidon at The Theatre On King

Saturday, March 28
5pm - Myrmidon at The Theatre On King
7:30pm - Program A at Market Hall
9pm - Program B at Market Hall

Sunday, March 29
1pm - Myrmidon at The Theatre On King

Program A at Market Hall
Thursday at 8pm & Saturday at 7:30pm Running time approx 65 minutes with intermission.
Featuring works by Nick Ferrio, Janel Jarvis, Heather McGillivray, Old Men Dancing, Opal, Stephanie Bartsch and Becca Partington, Hermione Rivison.

Program B at Market Hall
Friday at 8pm & Saturday at 9pm Running time approx 80 minutes with intermission.
Featuring works by Northumberland Contemporary Dance Collective, Dave Cave, Barbara Dametto, Kenn Gibb, Judith Mason, Tegan Moss and Caitlin Bragg, Hilary Wear.
Myrmidon at The Theatre On King, 159 King Street
Thursday & Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 5pm, Sunday at 1pm Running time approx 60 min.
Myrmidon by Bernie Martin. Performed by Kate Story and Curtis Driedger.

Vertep by Brad Brackenridge: Free with a ticket to Program A or B or Myrmidon. *Keep Your Ticket Stub*
In the Market Hall lobby for one half hour both prior to and following every Program A and Program B, and at each intermission. Performances of Vertep are 5 minutes long, for one person at a time. No advance tickets; sign up with the special Vertep registrar in the lobby.

this is silence by Jess Rowland outside the Market Hall
Free performance every night on the sidewalk outside the Market Hall prior to Programs A and B.

Program A at Market Hall
Thursday at 8pm, Saturday at 7:30pm Running time approx 70 min with intermission.

Nick Ferrio
Singer/songwriter Nick Ferrio pushes his practice with the accompaniment of strings and live light projection in this debut of new material. Performed by Candice Cloutier, David Bird, Robin Love, John Hoffman, Melissa Payne and Nick Ferrio.

Janel Jarvis
The Vocal Lives of Bellydance
Breath is the common denominator between the dancer, the musicians, and the audience. We invite the audience to turn their attention inward and breathe with us. With Kathleen Adamson (rebec, a medieval stringed instrument), Victoria Wallace (vocals), Hartley Stephenson (vocals), Leigh Macdonald (vocals) and Janel Jarvis (dance).

Heather McGillivray
This dance is a journey of discovering the box I am in and finding the joy, passion and freedom that comes from moving outside it. Performed by Heather McGillivray, with video collaboration by Lester Alfonso.

Old Men Dancing
What do we leave behind? / For whom is it intended, / is it something to be considered / or best forgotten? / Is it: concrete or ethereal, / a statue or an idea, / an egotistical monument or a path to nirvana? / Such are the musings of old men. Performed by Brian Dimock, Brian Ling, Brian Nichols, Colin MacAdam, Hugh MacMillan, Jim Angel, John Anderson, Pete Hewett, Ravi-Inder Soligo, Ray Barker, Rob Steinman, Sandy Burnaby.

The love affair between music and dance is an old story, here told by Opal (dancer/choreographer) and Jared (musician/composer). In Studio they explore the interplay of electronic music and aerial dance. Rather than let the dance follow the music, both arts influence each other in real time. Special thanks to Market Hall for supporting Opal with an artist residency. Performed by Opal Jennifer Elchuk and Jared Bremner.

Stepahnie Bartsch and Becca Partington
Exogenesis explores the impact of outside forces on the whole person. It illustrates the paradox of how one’s inner demons may emerge and propel someone to function in one aspect of their lives while dismantling other facets of their well being/mental health. This 5-minute dance piece is a collaborative choreographic duet using ballet and contemporary dance. Performed by Stephanie Bartsch and Becca Partington.

Hermione Rivison
Boa Constrictions
Jewel rehearses, where else but in the shower, to discover she needs divine help in order to present to the world her true beauty. A burlesque goddess shares her secrets to help Jewel out. Hermione Rivison and Cora Flora join forces to break through the illusions and explore the truth of beauty and sexuality. Cora has written some original music for the piece. Thanks to Deb Reynolds for her professional eye during rehearsal.

Program B at Market Hall
Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 9pm Running time approx 70 min with intermission.

Northumberland Contemporary Dance Collective
Go Where the Love Is
Newly founded Northumberland Contemporary Dance Collective presents "Go Where the Love Is". A dance work commissioned for the TED style fundraising event Imaginate: An Evening of Possibilites, which took place in February 2015 in Port Hope. This event brings awareness to the Greenwood Coalition community, poverty, mental illness and addiction. It is important to note that moments in this dance were inspired by or choreographed by members of the Greenwood Coalition arts therapy group. It represents the feeling of belonging to in their community and being loved. Performed by Rebecca Baptista, Katie Flindall and Stephanie Booth.

Dave Cave
Madonna, What The Hell:  The Worst Hit Musical
We all make mistakes...but not all of us rap our mistakes. Comedian/writer Dave Cave performs piano renditions of Madonna's worst songs. Interspersed with recitations of interview footage, Dave uses only Madonna's own words as the material for this one-man show. Madonna, What The Hell... is a celebration of an artist who proves that in order for great success, there must be great failures and also a fleeting British accent. Premiered at Peterborough Pride 2014.

Barbara Dametto
The Serpent and the Lotus
This convergence of fractal art, music and movement depicts a journey through the seven chakra centres from the earth to the spirit realm. The serpent represents the feminine downward energies and the primordial spiral. The lotus flower represents the masculine upward path of liberation and connection to higher consciousness. Together they dance the eternal duet of form and formlessness, beauty and suffering, illusion and truth. Performed by Barbara (Eva) Dametto.

Kenn Gibb
Alone Together
This intimate look at contemporary life explores the grip that technology and social media can exert on the modern relationship. Performed by Ange Sorensen, Kenn Gibb and Jana Farell (Musician).

Judith A. Mason
The Perfect Spy
In this adaptation of Judith Graham's poem 'Curiosity' an older woman looks back at her life.  She considers what is important in the long run and is surprised by her own conclusions. Performed by Judith A. Mason.

Tegan Moss and Caitlin Bragg
Circular Spaces
Geometric patterns unfold in this hoop dance as it moves to a bouncy rhythm. Circular Spaces is a playful duet featuring four skillfully manipulated hoops. Throughout the piece the polarity of success in collaboration and struggle to align exist in tension. Mediative flow, collaborative inspiration, and self-expression are the currents that move these dancers. Performed by Tegan Moss and Caitlin Bragg.

Hilary Wear
Tootah gets a chance to dance! 3 times!!! But the reason he is needed gives him pause...the Ballerina has been slain - another Stolen Sister. Performed by Hilary Wear, Cheri Patrick and Charmaine Magumbe.

Myrmidon at The Theatre On King, 159 King Street
Myrmidon is a poetic one act play written by the late Bernie Martin in 1994 for one performer and one musician. Based in part on the Grimm fairytale The Magic Flounder, this one act play depicts the struggle to live with integrity in a world where one is doomed to fail. Originally presented at the Union Theatre in Peterborough in 1995 by Writers Workshop Theatre, Myrmidon is one woman's magical, mystical, ethereal journey down a river, through a river, within a river, and what's that on the shore. This new exploration of Martin's work is directed by Ryan Kerr, performed by Kate Story and musician Curtis Driedger, with set and costume design by Martha Cockshutt. Content advisory: salty language.

Brad Brackenridge in the Market Hall lobby
While ‘vertep’ is the name for a style of traveling puppet theatre that originated in 17th century Ukraine, it is also the name for a new one-on-one puppet show created by puppeteer Brad Brackenridge, who describes the work as a meditation on life, death and beyond. Every 5-minute performance of Vertep will be viewed by one person at a time, listening to the sound in headphones while sitting inside a confessional-style booth attached to the puppet stage. To view the work, audience members who are attending Emergency must put their name on a viewing list being compiled by the special Vertep attendant; there are no advance reservations. Brackenridge’s collaborators are Leslie Menagh, who has designed costumes for the puppets; singers Zorana Sidiq and James McLennan; multi-media artist Dan English; and carpenter John MacEwen. Performed by Brad Brackenridge.

Emergency #21 was generously supported by TD Bank and Christensen Fine Art.

Master Class in Contact Dance

Public Energy presents
Master Class in Contact Dance with Ilya Domanov and Aharona Israel
Saturday, February 14, 2pm – 4pm    
All Saint’s Anglican Church (Parish Hall), 235 Rubidge St.
Cost: $10 or pay-what-you-can. Register at

Some contact dance experience necessary. Not much, but the aim of this class is to elevate the skill level of those with some contact experience. Ilya Domanov and Aharona Israel are highly experienced theatre/movement artists, based in Israel, who are on tour in Canada with Marathon, Aharona’s theatre work for 3 performers being presented by Public Energy on Feb. 12 at the Market Hall.

IlyaIlya Domanov is an actor, performer and teacher of movement arts. Originally from Moscow, he has worked extensively as a performer and director in Israel, Europe and Russia. He brings his acting skills and background in performance, improvisation and contact dance to a unique exploration of dance and movement on stage.





Aharona Israel workshopAharona Israel is an interdisciplinary artist whose varied training – she is trained in dance and holds a B.A. in architecture – informs a body of work that combines intimate research into body and movement with a strong sensibility to social and political themes. Her works have been seen in festivals and theatres in Israel and across Europe since 2002.

Bill Coleman: Public Energy Artist-in-Residence, January 3-8, 2015

Bill Coleman is coming to Peterborough for a one-week ­­residency to kick off the creative process behind his newest work, titled Dollhouse. From January 3 to 7, 2015, Bill and his collaborators - sound artist Gordon Monahan, set designer David Gaucher, and lighting designer Pierre Lavoie - will be working in Peterborough on the creation of this new solo dance work. At the end of his stay in Peterborough, on January 8, Bill will perform as one half of The Brothers Plaid. 

A cataclysmic glimpse of a man out of sync with his surroundings. 

Here’s how Bill describes Dollhouse: A figure whose life is in the process of going horribly wrong. Culminating in his whole world literally falling in on him. The small object-laden room he inhabits collapses and breaks at his every touch, or seemingly moves on its own accord as he tap dances through a 50-minute theatrical disintegration, creating not only an eye-opening spectacle, but a unique musical score along the way.

A Long Time Coming: Bill’s life-long journey to Dollhouse. 

Born to parents who met on stage, Bill's first brush with professional theatre was tap dancing at the age of 15 in the pantomime Dick Whittington in Bexhill-on-Sea, England. Performing alongside aging comedians who literally reeked of Music Hall, this early experience provided Bill a glimpse of a life lived on stage. The smell of the crowd and the performers, the obsessive ad-libbing, and grease paint seemingly administered with a putty knife made a lasting impression on this aspiring dancer. Despite his best efforts...a lifetime of dancing with the likes of Martha Graham, Toronto Dance Theatre, Jean Pierre Perreault, Bill T Jones... Bill couldn't quite get rid of the rancid vaudevillian patina of this archetypal experience...the Boy Scouts' yelling 'poofta' as he clickety-clacked his way across stage, the tripping of the pantomime cow as it chased Widow Twanky through the stayed deep within him.

Until now. Dollhouse is a salute to the theatrical world Bill's been trying to repress all these years. We've seen glimpses of it in some of his older works, such as The Brothers Plaid, Shane and Baryshnikov: The Other Story, but it was always veneered behind some fine dancing and those 'showgirl' legs of his.

So, in preparation for Dollhouse, over the last few years Bill has gone back to school, ie: learning how to tap, becoming more athletic and 'rubbery', and testing it out in performance. Most often at Grossmans Tavern with the Happy Pals jazz band, improvising and clowning in a raucous environment where getting your bottom slapped is as good as a bravo.

Confidant that he has transformed and is nearly ready for the big time (he even got a “you remind me of Ray Bolger” comment the other day!) he's coming to Peterborough! To try out some timeless gags - like getting hit on the head by a falling paint pot, courtesy of composer Gordon Monahan - and brush up on some old ones… like making the sound of cracking your partner’s neck with a hidden plastic cup crushed under the armpit.

Free Artist Talks

Public Energy invites the community to get to know two international artists coming to Peterborough in February: Vincent Mantsoe from South Africa and Aharona Israel from Israel.

Monday February 2, 7pm at The Gathering Space at The First People’s House of Learning, Trent University.

Vincent Mantsoe will talk about his life growing up in the township of Soweto, South Africa, and his development as a dancer that eventually led him to settle in Paris, France. Mantsoe`s family is a combination of cultural diversity, mainly Southern Sotho, Ndebele, Xhosa and Pedi, and includes a long line of Sangomas (traditional healers). Despite this traditional background Mantsoe became an internationally renowned dance artist and continues to create new work, drawing on African, Contemporary and Asian forms of dance. Mantsoe’s talk will include an excerpt of his work and opportunity for discussion. Vincent Mantsoe is coming to the Market Hall Performing Arts Centre in Peterborough on Feb. 3rd as part of a cross-Canada tour. Tickets can be had from the Market Hall box office, on line at, or by phone at 705-749-1146.
Presented by Kawartha World Issues Centre as part of the 25th International Development Week celebrations.

vincentmantsoe portrait full
Vincent S. K. Mantsoe
Photo credit: Anders Mattsson

Tuesday, February 10, 7pm at the Jewish Community Centre, 775 Weller St.

Aharaona Israel is an interdisciplinary theatre artist from Israel whose works have been seen in contemporary dance and theatre festivals around the world. She is coming to Peterborough with her most well-regarded work, Marathon, on a tour of Canadian theatre festivals. Aharona’s varied background – she is trained in dance, has a degree in architecture, and has spent long periods of time working in Europe as well as Israel – informs a body of work that combines intimate research into body and movement with a strong sensibility to social and political themes. Aharona is also a Qigong practitioner and  member of Engaged Dharma In Israel, a group working toward peace in the Middle East. The talk will include an introduction to Aharona’s work and a period for discussion. Her theatre work for three performers, Marathon, is playing at the Market Hall Performing Arts Centre for one show only, February 12 at 8pm. Tickets can be had from the Market Hall box office, on line at, or by phone at 705-749-1146.

Aharona Israel workshop
Aharona Israel
Photo credit:


Bill Coleman & Mark Shaub and Gordon Monahan: The Brothers Plaid

Bill Coleman & Mark Shaub: The Brothers Plaid
Gordon Monahan: Sauerkraut Synthesizer

downloadDownload Poster
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January 8, 2015 at 8pm

The Gordon Best Theatre
216 Hunter St. W., Peterborough ON

$25 / $15 students, underwaged
Available at the door or in advance from the Market Hall box office: or 705-749-1146.

 FAQ: Why has Public Energy just added this show to the season?

Bill Coleman is our artist-in-residence from January 3 to 8, working on a new dance project, called Dollhouse, with audio artist Gordon Monahan. read more about Dollhouse...

This show is a way of inspiring Bill and Gordon in the new creation, which has a lot of comic elments, and allows us to draw attention to the new work, which is seeking production partners to underwrite its creation.

All proceeds from the January 8 event will go toward the creation of Dollhouse and its presentation in Public Energy's 2015-16 season.

 The Brothers Plaid

Created and performed by Bill Coleman and Mark Shaub

Undoubtedly the funniest act in Canadian dance, The Brothers Plaid is something of a Canadian dance cult classic, first performed in 1984. Bill and Mark are dancers of the highest order, having performed for some of the greatest Canadian and American choreographers, but for the Bros Plaid they adopt a Buster Keaton meets Laurel and Hardy by way of Gene Kelly shtick to portray a pair of pipe smoking, tap dancing RV salesmen from the U.S. Midwest. Read more about The Brothers Plaid here.

Bill Coleman describes the origins of The Brothers Plaid:

“It was the first piece I ever made. I was working in Charlottetown and there were a lot of American tourists. I grew up in the U.K., so seeing all these people in Winnebagos, wearing plaid, was fascinating. I was newly from the U.K. and I bought hibachis and teen burgers, fascinated with all this North American stuff. With my friend Mark we wrote this sort of rap song and we played two tourists, and I tap danced. Mark knew how to drum, so he would drum on his snare and we would do this piece. For some reason The Brothers Plaid keeps getting done. It's just something that stuck with us. Mark, who became a Canada Council officer and works with Cirque du Soleil, finally quit dancing – but we'll still get together and do it every now and then. The last time was in Toronto in 2010.”

The Brothers Plaid from Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie on Vimeo.


 Sauerkraut Synthesizer

Created and performed by Gordon Monahan

Gordon will bring us a live performance demonstration of how fruits and vegetables become voltage input controllers for a software-based audio "Sauerkraut Synthesizer."

Gordon Monahan is the recipient of a 2013 Governor-General's Award in Visual and Media Arts. His works for piano, loudspeakers, video, kinetic sculpture, and computer-controlled sound environments span various genres from avant-garde concert music to multi-media installation and sound art. As a composer and sound artist, he juxtaposes the quantitative and qualitative aspects of natural acoustical phenomena with elements of media technology, environment, architecture, popular culture, and live performance.

sauerkraut 2010 3.1retouch

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